Takin’ It To The N.F.L.

Tonight we had a football draft party, hosted by Andrew and Alaina. The guys (shown above in the only picture I got before the camera batter died, grr) did their draft downstairs while the girls did our own draft upstairs. It was really fun, although none of the girls really had a good idea of what to do. I think we made a good showing though!

I had first draft pick, and I feel like I got a fairly good team, although Josh says my Wide Receivers (I’m told I’m not to call them “the WR guys”) are a little weak. I did sort of panic mid-draft when I realized that I should have been accounting for bye weeks, but I managed to pull out of the problem decently. Next year I’ll have a better clue what Josh meant when he asked me if I had “studied for the draft.” 🙂

PugnaciousDoomChicknz Roster

Tom Brady
Billy Volek

Larry Johnson
Willis McGahee
Fred Taylor
Curtis Martin

Wide Receivers
Terrell Owens
Andre Johnson
Donte Stallworth
David Givens
Marty Booker
Roscoe Parrish

Tight Ends
Antonio Gates
L.J. Smith

Josh Kasay
Josh Brown


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