A Little Black Dress and Other Basic Necessities

In the post below, I am pictured in my best little black dress. This dress has been a workhorse in my wardrobe. Since purchasing it I think 7 years ago, I’ve worn it innumerable times and it still looks good. I can’t figure this out, but even though I am 20 pounds lighter now than I was when I first bought it, it fit better then. Time and childbearing will do that to a person I suppose! Still, it’s a great dress. Since it’s so basic, it can be dressed up or down, and made to look quite different when paired with various pieces of statement jewelry (the necklace I am wearing in the picture in the previous post belonged to my great grandmother – she got it on her world tour, which I believe was sometime before 1920, but I’ll have to check that with my grandmother…).

I do wish we had more occasions to dress up. There isn’t much I miss about college, but having frequent formal and semi-formal events is certainly one of them. It seems like we had about one per month or so, and when we had gone a while without one, my friends and I were known to have our own semi-formal dinners! I’m glad that Josh indulges me so that I can at least enjoy semi-formal and formal events for fun at home!

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