The IMCPL Is Da Bomb

There are so many reasons why I love my husband. Not least among them is the fact that he still has an Indianapolis library card even though we live across the county line. As I am unable to get my own card due to the address on my drivers’ license (and our county library is no good), I make liberal use of Josh’s privileges.

I adore the Indianapolis library. It’s so fabulous. It’s not a great system for browsing, because there are too many branches, but the website is first rate. All I have to do is login, find the book I want (usually based on someone else’s recommendation, or browzing Amazon and librarything lists), and hit request. The library then finds the book, transports it to the Lawrence branch, and I pick it up there neatly shelved under my last name. I can also renew books online. I LOVE THIS. No more searching shelves, muttering under my breath about how people can’t put things back in the proper spots. No more wondering why the library is not laid out more effectively. No more trying to find books while simultaneously attempting to prevent my infant from vomiting all over the premises. I simply run in, grab my books, and scan them through the computer. Or I send Josh to do it on his way home from work. 🙂

Currently, I have ten items checked out, and nine items on hold. I’m not optimistic about all of my holds, since I am number 52 (no exaggeration) in line to read “Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War” and one of the workout videos I want to check out is “lost” which means someone decided to not return it. Fishy.

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