I {heart} Bumper Stickers

Not to be a Red State biter, but after reading a recent entry there on the idiocy of bumper stickers, I thought I would post my own thoughts on the matter.

On our trip last weekend, Josh and I talked about the “and I vote” type of bumper sticker. You know the ones I mean: “I {heart} orangutans…and I vote!” or “I {heart} deep dish pizza…and I vote!” Yeah. Sooo effective, right? Josh waxed derisive about the efficacy of adorning one’s vehicles with sentiments of what you {heart} as if politicians will therefore rush out to support whatever cause/ideology/cute fluffy animal you so adore.

Another big winner is the category of sticker that begins, “My other car is a…” Was that funny even the first time you saw it?

Then we have stickers that seem designed to provoke traffic accidents. I’m sure someone has used our tax money to determine how many people have been in pileups caused by a driver attempting to “Visualize World Peace” behind the wheel. And how many people have been in fender benders caused by drivers getting too close to a car to try to make out the small print on their “If You Can Read This, You’re Too Close To My Bumper” sticker?

I first learned that bumper stickers can be tacky when I was in fourth grade and I won an Awana bumper sticker. I gave it to my mom, expecting her to display it proudly on the station wagon. She didn’t. I don’t know what happened to that sticker, but it never made it to one of our vehicles. No harm done, Mom and Dad found other ways to assure us of their pride in our Scripture memory progress.

I must confess there are three stickers on our car. One is Josh’s Purdue alumni sticker, one is my Princeton alumni sticker, and one is the Princeton parking permit sticker that I have in one of the windows. I feel like there is a difference in the tastefulness quotient of college stickers in the back window versus pithy sentiments on the bumper, but I can’t put my finger on it, so I’m probably just being a snob.

One thought on “I {heart} Bumper Stickers

  1. i was intrigued by this title in the related posts under today’s post–and so i clicked. (but it will be the only one!!! =)

    and got a good chuckle! the only sticker that i think my husband and i will ever display on our car is our alumni sticker as well! so i guess we’re snobs too!

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