The Honey Chile Roadshow

Yesterday, my mom, Hannah and I took off for our whirlwind tour of my side of the family in NC, SC, and VA. It’s like a small circus, but the dogs and ponies and orangutans had to be jettisoned in favor of the pack-n-play, stroller, booster seat, and other oh-so-necessary accoutrements Miss Thing doth require.

Hannah was a golden angel baby all day long in the car, with only three stops in ten hours! She just talked to herself, slept, and played with her toys like a champ. Mom and I were very grateful!

We had a nasty run-in with some out of control truckers along the way. Two trucks spent several miles of twisty mountain roads alternating with honking at us and cutting us off dangerously, and otherwise making nuisances of themselves. We slowed down and let them pass us since they were in such an all-fired hurry!

So Hannah left Indiana for the first time and has now also been in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina! She loves her great-grandparents (my mom’s parents) very much already and has obliged by being cute and showing all her tricks. She also took her very first mountain hike last night before it got dark!

I wish I could post pictures, but I’m afraid that might mess up my grandfather’s computer so the photos will have to wait for another post.

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