Last night as I was taking dinner out of the oven (chicken breasts pounded flat, rolled up with spinach and red pepper, and baked with wild rice in a little chicken broth), I turned to tell Josh something and the top of the casserole dish LEAPT off the dish and on to my arm. At first I didn’t know if it hurt. Ah, but then I did know, and it hurt like bejeebers.

In addition to electronic equipment, cds, and guitars, Josh also brought a first aid kit to our marriage. Inside the kit we found a tiny tube labeled “burn cream.” Since it was only five and a half years past the 12/00 expiration date on the tube, we figured it was all right and slathered it on my arm. Josh doctored me up with a gauze bandage and a plethora of thin strips of bandage tape. While I convalesced on the couch, Dr. Gillespie brought me several glasses of water. What a gentleman.

Dinner was tasty, at least. Cooking is such a hazardous occupation!

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