I can’t stand it when I write a really long email and then Tigernet deletes it just as I’m about to press “send.” It happens so frequently that I’ve started to quickly “ctrl-S” my emails before I send them, but invariably the one time out of a hundred that I forget to do that, Tigernet goes on a deleting frenzy.

Josh thinks this is a sign from above that it’s time for me to switch email accounts. I’m reluctant. I’d say I’m not sure why I’m reluctant, but I really am sure. I’m fond of my princeton.edu address. It’s one thing I have that proclaims “hey, she’s smarter than she looks and acts!” 🙂 I know it’s vain and ridiculous, but although I am hesitant to recommend ivied halls to anyone else, and I am not sure I’d want my own kids going there, I’m still proud of having gone to Old Nassau and having done well there.

I could have done better had I not taken Russian for four semesters. Four Cs really drags down the ol’ GPA. I suppose it has been somewhat helpful that I can read the Cyrillic alphabet, even though I never achieved fluency in the language and thus it was not helpful in my pre-9/11 work where it might have been useful…

So yeah, Russian was just a really painful language for me. I took Latin when we were homeschooled, and I learned German when we lived in Germany, but man I really struggled with Russian. I would get so flustered during tests where we had to converse in Russian with our professor that I would sometimes slip into speaking German and he would get so mad! I guess my terrified mind would just scramble for anything-but-English to help me get through it!

My professor had a real thing for the Simpsons. We were always having to do dialogs from the Simpsons translated into Russian. The professor really liked Mr. Burns, and would hold his fingers as Mr. Burns does when he says “Exxxxcelllllllent” but my prof would say “Ot-leeeeeee-chna!” That is, of course, Russian for “excellent” (spelled phonetically).

This post is getting a little too stream-of-consciousness even for my tastes, so I’ll leave it at that. Otleeeeeeeechna!

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