One Foot In Front Of The Other

The other day I got a pedometer. It’s the bee’s knees. I entered the length of my stride (Josh helped me measure) and my weight, and then I tested it innumerable times until the sensitivity was set in an accurate fashion (still a bit off, because it counts only 8 steps when I go upstairs, even though we have 14 stairs, but close enough). I am averaging around 20,000 steps per day. I should mention that I am walking more now that I have the pedometer, so I don’t think I would have averaged that many steps before. I find it almost absurdly motivational. “Self,” I tell myself, “Let’s go another block so as to increase the steps counted! Let’s take longer walks! Let’s dance around!” Hey, whatever works, right?

Today we had to take a really really long walk, but not on purpose. Hannah wears a very fetching purple gingham hat when we walk. Today she took it off and hurled it from the stroller without me noticing until we were done with our walk, so we had to retrace our steps and do our entire walk a second time to find it squashed in the mud where a vehicle had driven over it. Ew. Not bad for a morning workout though, and I will doubtless soon see my thunder thighs turn to bonzo-legs-of-steel at this rate!

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