Getting Perspective

In college I used to keep a running collage all over my walls. It was a mish-mash of quotes from books (“Forget love, try good manners.” from Divine Secrets was a perennial favorite), quotes from roommates and friends (“I never thought I would say this, but you need more back fat.”), and pictures of friends looking fabulous. I cut out all the boys we were no longer interested in and all the people who were mean to us, and also cropped the pictures to our best advantages by trimming shots where someone’s butt was sticking out too much or their arms looked fat.

After college, I had a huge box full of pictures and memorabilia and collage scraps. It wasn’t until shortly before Josh and I got married that I forced myself to haul it all out and “get medieval” on it by keeping only the best things and throwing everything else away. You just can’t move boxes full of everything that used to be special to you all over the place all your life. It’s like my dad told me and my little brother as we packed up our New Hampshire house, “Kids, we are not going to move that box of rocks.”

Pulling out the best stuff and fitting four years into ONE scrapbook takes perspective. You have to have some distance from events before you can make good calls about what was really important. It makes more impact to have ONE picture for each night of Houseparties than to have a whole book full of one four day event!

That is why I waited until last week to pull out my box of wedding stuff. Now that it’s been about three years since most of the events of our courtship and marriage, I have a little bit better perspective on that chapter of my life. Yes, if I had it to do over again, I would do many things differently. However, even though so many thing went wrong, I was struck by how many things went right. My family was really great throughout; I’m blessed that they care about me so much and went to such lengths for my happiness. The best pictures are of family members having fun together and the perfect, gorgeous, dream-worthy flowers.

Now that the engagement/wedding scrapbook is complete, I only have one small box left in my “Things To Be Scrapbooked” pile in my craft area. I think I’ll let them simmer in perspective for a while longer.

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