Gains and Losses

As you might have seen on Hannah’s blog, we lost our old computer. The hard drive is fried like a chicken nugget and so far all attempts to recover our documents, and, worse, Hannah’s baby pictures, have failed. I’m just really really glad we started a blog for her so at least we have those pictures!

In light of the catastrophe, we went computer shopping with our friends the Neals and got a new computer. It’s a marvel of speed and fanciness. So far I like it. It came in a bundle with a new flat screen monitor and everything. Plus I noticed that we could get a free printer/scanner/copier by sending in three rebates so we got that too. It’s pretty fun to have a new setup, but I do hope that we can get back some of our old computer’s contents eventually! Big thank you to Joe and Jamie Neal for helping us pick it out and set it up!

My guitar also came in yesterday so we picked that up. It’s much easier for me to play than our other guitars. Josh also got me a book of chords to look at so I’m able to look up what I need to play different songs. It’s pretty sweet. I don’t know when I’ll be good enough to play in public (maybe never) but at least I’ll have fun in the meantime! Thanks, Honey!

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