The Challenge of Hospitality

As I’ve posted before, we don’t really know our neighbors (and we’re a little scared of them). We live on the opposite side of town from pretty much everybody in our church. We have a sweet infant who loses sweetness exponentially with every minute that ticks past her very early bedtime. Our black dog sheds copiously on our cream colored carpet. Although I aspire to dizzying heights of greatness in the kitchen, my culinary results are mixed, at best.

See how easy it is for me to come up with excuses not to practice hospitality?

I read this post on another blog this morning:

I think the problem is human nature taking advantage of modern times. Folks just are not deeply involved with each other because we don’t HAVE to be. We suffer for it, to be sure, but most of us are pretty comfortable with our a/c, paychecks, insurances, comfy churches, etc, and are rarely put in a position where we feel really NEEDY. Or, we know we are needy but absolutely petrified of rejection, so it’s safer to just not risk it.

Just to check, how many non-family members do you invite to your home weekly? How often have you been invited over elsewhere? How many “strangers” have we opened our homes to? Home is where this real stuff happens. We freak out because our homes don’t look like Southern Living or Country Home or … Architectural Digest … or even that FlyLady lives there… and then we let another week go by, safely protecting our image one more time.

This was really convicting for me, because I definitely have a complex about not wanting people to see my house unless it’s spotless, I don’t want busy people to feel compelled to drive over if they don’t want to and I’m afraid they don’t want to…but it’s lame, you know? I think maybe I need to challenge myself to at least OFFER hospitality once a week. I better run that by Josh first, I suppose.

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