Bring It On!

Rebecca Sawyer brilliantly decided that the girls need a Fantasy Football League too, which will give us something to do while our husbands watch football. Josh is already totally psyched that I’m going to make another stab at figuring out this sport. I have tried, lo these many years, to understand football, but maybe this time will be a charm.

To that end I have created my own franchise, the PugnaciousDoomChiknz, to put some hurtin’ on the Chic League. What we lack in skill and strategy we will more than make up for in belligerence and ferocity! Boo-ya! Our colors are orange and black (naturally) and we are working on a team slogan and a series of inspiring and intimidating cheers. I’m certain that commercial endorsements will follow soon after we prove our fabulousness.

I’m off to read ESPN Magazine now…

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