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OK, another blogger has opened the field up for votes on “blogs of beauty” for 2006. I have nothing against that idea, but I found that the categories were somewhat limited, and so I decided to create my own blog superlatives. In true high school yearbook editor style, I will be deciding who the winners are, there is no voting on this island!

So, without further ado, here are Catherine’s 2006 Blog Superlatives:

Best Dilettante Blog: Moi, but of course!

Best Music/Sports/Politics Blog Run By Best Husband: Josh

Best Chubby Baby Blog: Hannah

Most Funny and Thoughtful Agrarian Blog: KS Milkmaid (Especially see post about her feminist chickens!)

Cutest Kiddo Comments: Rebecca

Best Blog Written In Tandem Covering Funny Things About Dentist Offices, Very Small Dogs, and So Forth: Andrew and Alaina

Best Blog By Family Who Just Moved Here Who Everyone Else Knows But We Just Met But Who We Feel Like We Kind Of Know Because We Read Their Blog: Kevin, Amy, and Meredith

Best RP Pastor Blog: Jared (honorable mention goes to James, who sadly was disqualified for hardly ever updating!)

Best Blog Documenting Pregnancy: (Tie) Jen and Heather (not linked because password protected, you’ll have to take my word on it!)

Blog That Travels Furthest: Heidi

Best Recipes And Cooking Links: Alicia

Most Artistic Design: Alyssa

Most Interesting Political Theory Conversation: De Regno Christi

I check a bunch of other blogs on a regular basis, but I’m having trouble coming up with superlatives for them. Submissions for inclusion will be considered, but as stated above, as Philosopher Queen of this sovereign blog, I am and ever shall remain final arbiter!

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