Worst Pickup Line Ever

Speaking of McDonalds, I told Josh this story the other day and he thought I should blog on it. Several years ago my mom and I were driving down from DC to North Carolina to visit my grandparents. Along the way, we stopped at a fast food place (probably McDonalds) and I ran in to use the facilities and to get a drink. At the counter, the following exchange transpired (please note that CashierBoy had a very thick, hick accent):

Me: I’d like a medium Diet Coke, please

CashierBoy: And a SAY-umwhich?

Me: Uh, no, just a Diet Coke, please.

CashierBoy: You don’t wawnt a SAY-umwhich?

Me: No thanks, just a medium Diet Coke.

CashierBoy: A purty girl lahk you needs a SAY-umwhich!

(As soon as I got my drink, I ran away very fast!!!) I mean, what do you say to that? Why do pretty girls need sandwiches? Inventive, but not effective as pickup lines go. Josh is glad I was not swayed by the sandwich offer, since that left me open to accept HIS pickup line, which was something like “Hey, we should go canoeing sometime.”

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