Takin’ It To The H.N.L.

Have you ever just looked around and thought, “Wow, everyone in the world is pregnant!”? OK, not everyone, since males are obviously excluded, as are my unmarried friends, and, ok, most of my married friends too. And I’m not pregnant, and the dog is not pregnant. But my next door neighbor is, and two of my good friends from DC are, and my college roommate is, and so is the girl who just got elected to be secretary of my college class (Josh tells me that normal people don’t do things like elect class officers at 5 year intervals for the rest of their lives, but I never claimed my school was normal – otherwise why would we all be ok with wearing orange so much?).

So tonight’s Scrubs finale just took the “everyone is pregnant” thing to the H.N.L. (“Hole Notha’ Level”), you know? I’m sure none of you actually watches the show except for Josh, and so I feel I’m not spoiling it for anyone with Tivo.

Speaking of season finales, I also couldn’t believe the Office! Oh Pam please don’t make the mistake of your young life! Don’t let Jim transfer to corporate! Even if it WAS totally creepy how he followed you when you went to call your mom.

I try not to get too involved in TV shows because as you can see, I get WAY too involved. So I limit myself to Scrubs, Lost, and the Office. When I was growing up, I was super involved in the Cosby show. I felt a kinship with Rudy, so it was weird when the actress who played her actually showed up at Homecoming at my high school, where apparently she knew some people. I didn’t talk to her. Not because I’m too cool for her, just because I think it would be weird since I feel like I grew up with Rudy, but she’s not really Rudy. Did she ever act in any other roles? I don’t think so.

Anyway, in other entertainment news, we bought Monty Python’s Holy Grail (with 24 bonus seconds never before seen!) because it had been mentioned so much on Andrew and Alaina’s blog so we kept remembering funny parts. Actually we haven’t watched it all the way through since we bought it, nor have we watched the extra funny bits and whatnot that always come on DVDs. We did watch it up through the knight that Arthur cuts the legs off of, and the part where Brave Brave Brave Brave Sir Robin runs away.

This post is more stream-of-consciousness than I normally write, but I’m tired and should be off to the land of Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod. TTFN.

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