The President’s Address

I can’t believe I’m posting on something political before Josh does!

I haven’t been impressed with the immigration debate so far. Most people are completely irrational about it (the “let’s round them all up and send them all home and build a big, strong wall all around our country!!!” crowd, just as much as the “let’s fling the door open wide and sing kumbaya around the campfire with drug dealers and terrorists!!!” crew) and that’s annoying. In truth, I pretty much gave up on the issue – one, because I’m tired of thinking about it and all other matters related to national security; two, because it seemed impossible to solve rationally and feasibly; and three, because I find political jockeying and pandering to be very, very distasteful.

In fact, tonight when Josh said the President was getting ready to give his speech on immigration, I almost declined to watch it. I’m glad I did though (if you missed the speech, you can read the text here). I was surprised to find myself quite impressed with his five point plan. I think it’s reasonable, I think it’s doable, and I think it will help the situation. I don’t think it will solve the problem, and I know there are a bajillion nuanced ways that it will fail, but it’s a rational step in the right direction. You have to hand it to President Bush for being willing to ignore poll numbers and just do what he thinks is right for the country. It’s a rare thing in politics, and I admire him for his tenacity.

Predictably, the usual suspects are already circling like vultures (see RedState’s open thread for one side, and the networks for the other) so who knows if anything Bush suggested will make it into the final bill, if the Senate ever gets it together. At least Bush made an appeal for a conservative, but pragmatic, approach. Way to be, Dubya.

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