Niche Market of the Day: Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Stickers of…Buffalo?

The other day we were talking about how I’m not an auditory learner, rather I prefer to read information. Josh said that if one sense is taken away, often another sense is heightened, so I said that when I get old and am unable to see, I will probably have to smell my way through life. At that, Josh sweetly offered to illustrate my favorite books with scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers so that I could still enjoy literature until I am 123. That will keep my mind sharp so that I can enjoy our 100th Anniversary Cruise.

Josh’s offer got me thinking about a new business opportunity: reality scratch ‘n’ sniff. If you think about current scratch ‘n’ sniff offerings, you’ll realize that the market is flooded with stickers depicting bananas wearing sunglasses, clusters of purple grapes with smiley faces, and various Strawberry Shortcake type characters. In order to adequately convey stories that hold my interest, someone needs to develop scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers of buffalo. And covered wagons. And Vikings.

Seriously, when is the last time you saw a scratch ‘n’ sniff Norse raider? See how this niche is wide open for development? Dear readers, I challenge you to fill this dire lack. Your country, nay, all humanity, calls upon you to meet us in this, our desperate hour!

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