Making Life As Difficult As Possible

Have y’all seen this? It is a flushable diaper system from Australia. I was interested because I thought maybe it was a cloth diaper kind of thing, plus the covers are marked with “g” which would be so applicable to our Bean and any future lower case g’s.

Now that I’ve looked into it, however, I’m wondering why in the world anyone would do this. First, it’s more expensive than disposable diapers, even the organic disposable diapers. Second, it’s WAYYY more gross than diapers ought to be. When you change a diaper with this system, you have to pull out the liner, hold it over the commode, rip it apart, drop it in, poke at it with a stick, swirl it around, and THEN flush it. Reviewers said it gets all over your shoes. Gnasty. Evidently they are marketing this product to parents who feel like they should stop using disposable diapers because of the environment (a disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose, there are a lot of issues about human waste in landfills and what that does to the ground water etc). I wonder why those parents wouldn’t just switch to cloth diapers? They are cheaper, easier, and far less disgusting than this whole ripping used diapers and getting it on shoes. To quote the Knights-Who-Say-Neep, “icky icky patang.”

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