Hot Head, Cold Feet

Back in the day when my family first got a VCR, Dad used to take us to a video rental store, and I always wanted to watch this movie called “Hot Head, Cold Feet.” I think it had Bill Cosby in it. I don’t know why we weren’t allowed to get it – maybe it was too adult, or maybe it was only available in Beta. I used to wish we had Beta because more movies were available in Beta than VHS. But then Betas went away and Dad was proved right in his selection of a VHS.

The reason that precious anecdote came to mind is that I can’t sleep when my feet are cold. I used to remedy the problem by putting a heating pad in the bed, but then our heating pad broke and we haven’t gotten another one. So lately I’ve been filling the sink in our bathroom with hot water, and sitting on the counter to soak my frigid toes. It really works! Plus it gives me time to ponder deep questions like “Why have I not received that Amazon order I placed two months ago?” Of course, questions like that tend to get me kind of worked up, hence the hot head bit, which is not very conducive to sleep, but at least my feet get warm!

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