…is not a real word. I know it’s not, so I am using it tongue-in-cheek fashion and that makes it ok. Sort of like it’s ok to decorate with kitschy stuff as long as you KNOW it’s kitschy. Right?

Anyway, on Saturday we did mondo yardwork. Josh mowed the lawn and cleaned the grill (which was, to put it mildly, GNARSTY) and I transplanted lamb’s ears from the back flowerbed to the front, clipped back some plants out front that look dead, re-edged the two flowerbeds in the back, planted marigolds and zinnias and lavender, and planted my vegetable garden. Josh and I set up an archway in my vegetable bed to support beans. I hope something grows! I also planted some tomato plants and sugar snap peas. I’d like to get some arugula and swiss chard in there somewhere, but it’s a small bed.

The pictures are some of the few “pieces of flare” that have showed themselves in the front so far. I’m pleased that the tulips came up, but I’m distressed to see no signs of the FORTY daylilly bulbs I planted. What’s up with that???? Surely I didn’t get FORTY duds???? Sigh.

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