Fighting the Bird Flu

Yesterday I thought I was coming down with the bird flu, but it turned out to be just your garden variety sore throat/headache/sick type thing. My mom has a friend who works at the World Health Organization (I previously misreported that the friend worked at NIH, sorry) who told her that everyone should have a few weeks of food on hand at all times because when the bird flu strikes, we’ll probably be quarantined. This sort of thing tends to make the more excitable among us a tad nervous.

Good news though! Britain’s Daily Record reports that there is a handwash spray that’s super effective at killing the bird flu. I wonder if Purell would do the trick? I use Purell like it’s my job. I note that Purell claims to kill “99.9% of most common germs.” I ask myself, “Self, is the bird flu a common germ? And if it is a common germ, is it included among the ‘most’ common germs that Purell is effective against?” What does “99.9% of most common germs” mean anyway? If ALL common germs are surveyed, how effective is it then? 72%? 63%? Less? And if all germs known to man were included, how far would the effectiveness drop? Is Purell worth the money, or should I conclude that all my good feelings about it are merely the result of the placebo effect?

Points to ponder.

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