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I read an interesting article today in the May issue of Baby Talk magazine (I get a staggering amount of baby related junk mail these days) about how parenting styles match up with Meyers-Briggs personality types. I am an ENTJ, which, according to Baby Talk, makes me an “executive mother.” Here’s what the article had to say about moms like me:

This mom organizes the needs and schedules of the whole family. Within her system, she provides her kids with direction and limits, but also gives them space to develop independence. A problem-solver, she listens to her kids’ concerns and then strategizes with them about how to improve the situation – either by intervening on their behalf or letting them do it on their own. Stay sane tip: You need to realistically examine – and then reject – the myth of the Supermom. Accept your vulnerabilities, and you’ll enjoy parenting more.

Sort of interesting, huh? Sadly, I have not spent a lot of time strategizing with Hannah about her concerns, which probably include problems like “why do I have to get strapped into my highchair when hurling myself to the floor looks like so much more fun?” and “why are all of my favorite pacifiers always in the dishwasher?” and “why does everyone act upset when I spitup all over my clothes and other people’s furniture?” 🙂 I do love strategy though, so I can see myself doing that in the future. As for the Supermom thing, I guess I’m still grappling with that – I don’t want to be a perfectionist at the expense of more important things, but I also want to do whatever I do as unto the Lord. I remember my Sunday School teacher once explaining that concept by asking “If Jesus was coming to your house for dinner, what would you do differently?” My first inclination is to answer, Martha-style, “Vacuum again, and cook something exotic rather than serving leftover spaghetti!” So yeah, I guess I need to keep grappling. 🙂

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