Everybody Wants To Pass As Cats; CD Review – "August and Everything After" by the Counting Crows

Today on my weekly marathon of errand running, I listened to Counting Crows’ excellent album “August and Everything After.” This CD really takes me back to tenth grade, which is when I was first introduced to the Counting Crows by my friend Leslie Payne. Leslie was one of those people who was cool because she knew about bands no one had heard of yet, plus she was funny and insightful. I wonder what happened to Leslie? I bet she’s a writer.

I’m thankful to Leslie for telling me about this album, since otherwise in tenth grade I was listening to stuff like DC Talk and Geoff Moore and the Distance. Yikes. I was unbearably silly in early high school, so I’m glad that my three best friends from that era (shout out to Jen, Kim, and Heidi) still talk to me! 🙂

Anyway, August and Everything After is a stellar CD on which every song is good. There are not very many CDs that can hold my interest for every track, but this is one of them. The songs are mellow enough for background music, but interesting enough for focused listening, and the lyrics are clever and thoughtful. I don’t know enough about guitar to tell you if it’s groundbreaking or trite, but I like it, so there is my recommendation. I’ll let Josh delve into the details, because I think he was planning to review it as well.

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