You’re Not Hardcore Unless You Eat Hardcore

Sometimes I like to do things the hard way just to be hardcore. I get a rush from proving to myself that I’m tough. Plus it’s fun to see people’s reactions when I flippantly mention the practice: “Wow! You’re so hardcore!” Yes, yes I am.

I am also hardcore about foods. I will try anything, and I have had ample opportunity to eat weird things in the course of my travels. I think my willingness to experiment in this manner stems from my parents’ prescient requirement that my brother and I were not allowed to turn up our noses at foods. No matter what our initial reaction was, we had to take “a Greystone bite” (named after the camp my grandmother, mom, and I attended) of everything, every time it was served. The net result was that I wound up liking things, even if I initially hated them. Tomato aspic and eggplant are two prime examples of foods I initially despised and now enjoy.

Anyway, while reading Alaina’s recent posts about sushi, I was inspired to write about weird foods that I have tried. Some required me to be more hardcore than others. A list of highlights follows:

-raw octopus
-dried octopus
-pickled calves’ tongue
-rabbit pate
-blood sausage
-sushi (although I still contend that sushi is not “weird”)
-kimchi (kimchi is also not weird, but if you don’t like sushi, I can guarantee you won’t like kimchi)

That’s what comes immediately to mind. Surveying the list, I don’t think it’s that weird. Weird things that I have not eaten but would like to try just to say I did it include alligator, chocolate covered ants, and armadillo (my dad would call armadillo “road kill surprise” or “possum on the halfshell”).

In my response to Alaina’s post, I suggested that we should have an Exotic Foods Potluck Party. I have a lot of great recipes that I’m afraid to try on guests because you never know who secretly belongs to the chefboyardee-and-white-bread set. I think it would be fun for everyone to bring something kind of strange that they like, but they aren’t sure if anyone else does, and then we could sample. Maybe there could be doorprizes for the most original, weirdest, most disgusting, etc. I suppose we could serve Pepto Bismol cocktails for the faint of heart or weak of stomach! 🙂

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