What Your Home Says About You

My mother-in-law often gives me decorating magazines when she is done looking through them. In the latest batch I found a very interesting article about what your decorating style says about who you are. The article included a side-bar quiz of sorts, which I found insightful. This exercise only works if YOU decorated your home. If your spouse or your mom or your interior decorator did it, it doesn’t count.

1) Write down adjectives that describe the dominant color or colors in your house. (Example: “Ivory is calming, classic, and warm”)

2) Write down adjectives that describe your very favorite part of your living space. (Example: “My kitchen is convenient, versatile, and welcoming.”)

3) Write down adjectives that describe the part of your living space you least want people to see. (Example: “My junk drawer is messy and stuffed with things I don’t really need.”)

According to the magazine, your answers to exercise 1 describe the personality of the person who chose the color (which presumably is you, since you are supposed to be finding out about yourself with this!), your answers to exercise 2 describe your favorite things about yourself, and your answers to exercise 3 describe aspects of yourself or your life that you’re ashamed of – things about yourself that you know are true that you try to hide from others.

I had fun with this. Some of my answers are below:

1) The dominant colors in my house are shades of coral/terra cotta/red, shades of leafy green, and shades of gold. I wrote down a bunch of words for each, but the common ones were: vibrant, warm, deep, strong.

2) My descriptive words for my favorite spaces were: coordinated, traditional, bright, open, contemplative, formal yet comfortable, well-traveled.

3) If I wanted you to know about the messed up areas of my house/life I would not be hiding them, would I? Ha ha. Let’s just say I was inspired yesterday to thoroughly sweep out and mop the utility closet!

I think the answers are pretty accurately descriptive of me, which you may or may not know depending on how well you know me. Maybe I’m a little reluctant to let my “true colors” come out all the time because I’m worried that a little of the utility closet will creep in there too! 🙂

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