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I just noticed a grey/white hair on my head this morning. If you found yourself in a similar situation would you:

a) pull it out
b) leave it there
c) start coloring your hair

Just wondering. Option C is out for me personally – I haven’t dyed my hair since spring break of my junior year in college, and I vowed never to do it again as long as I live. That’s because my freshman year I got blonde highlights. I liked it so much I kept getting them, until I was pretty much just straight blonde. I liked being blonde, and I played the part fairly convincingly. Then the summer after my sophomore year I decided to go back to brunette, and attempted to achieve that with a box of dye from CVS. Little did I know that you’re not supposed to put box dye on top of salon color. So I turned my hair really dark and freaked out. My mom tried to help by going back to CVS to get me some blonde dye, because we figured that putting blonde on top of black would balance out to brown. But she got the kind of dye that goes on grey hair. When you don’t have grey hair, that kind of dye turns your hair green. So I wound up with a sort of forest green color of hair.

Worst of all, my parents forced me to go to church the next morning with green hair even though I just about DIED of mortification. When I tried to explain to them why I could not show up at church with green hair, Mom said I was being vain and had to go. So I went but I was not happy about it.

To get the green out, I had to have a very expensive salon procedure where they strip ALL color out of your hair, leaving brittle strands the color of dishwater. Then they put a temporary dye on that because if they used regular dye after the stripping operation, your hair would FALL OUT and that is worse. So I had to keep getting the temporary dye until all that hair had grown out, which took until spring break of my junior year, hence my vow to forswear all hair color for the rest of my livelong days.

So should I pull out the grey one or leave it in? This reminds me of the latest issue of Every Thought Captive about how our culture idolizes youth rather than honoring the wisdom of older people. The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. -Proverbs 16:31 On the other hand, I’m only just turned 27!!!!

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