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Last night I made an interesting new recipe for dinner – Jamaican meat pockets. Sounds weird, but they are kind of like Hot Pockets but with homemade curry dough and spicy beef filling. I didn’t stick to the recipe exactly (I never do) but they came out ok. Josh approved and would like to eat them again. I thought the crust was particularly good – it was pretty much like a pie crust recipe but with curry instead of sweet. If anyone wants the recipe, I got it out of the Martha Stewart magazine with the blue Easter cover.

My penchant for tinkering with recipes sometimes turns out great and sometimes not. For example, it’s a good thing that Lisa O. was not hungry when she came over the other day, because I had been planning on offering her a muffin. I was experimenting with using orange juice as the liquid in the muffins and applesauce instead of oil. I think that would have been ok except I also decided to leave out the sugar, in hopes that the sweetness of the OJ and applesauce would be enough and render the muffins more low-calorie. Lesson learned: leaving sugar out of muffins just renders them bitter! So we have to slather them with jam to eat them, which pretty much cancels out the low-cal idea. Oh well. Like I said, good thing Lisa was spared!

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