Jingle All The Way

The other day as I was ironing, I was singing old commercials. I could say that I was doing it to entertain Hannah, which I was, but the truth is I used to sing old commercials a lot before I had a baby to blame it on. Anyway, as I ironed and sang “The unsinkable taste of Cheerios – not a lot of sugar to weight down those – Cheerios!” and “Fruity Marshmellow Krispies – lots of fruity marshmellow taste! Snap, Crackle and Poppin’! More than lots of fruit taste!” I started to think about how long it has been since I have heard ring-around-the-collar mentioned in advertising. I remember ring-around-the-collar being the world’s biggest deal in detergent ads back in the 80s. So what happened to ring-around-the-collar? Has it been eradicated? Are all detergents sophisticated enough to battle the problem now so it’s no longer a selling point? Or does the detergent industry feel that the American public has been sufficiently well educated on the hows and whys of ring-around-the-collar so efforts can be redirected elsewhere?

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