On Saturday afternoon I received a letter informing me that I have to show up for jury duty on Monday morning. Isn’t there a rule about having to give people more than a day’s notice for things like this? At any rate, I’ve been really stressed out about it. I always thought it would be neat to be on a jury, but this is not a good time. Fortunately my mother-in-law graciously agreed to watch Hannah for the day, but this meant I only had today to try to get enough milk together to feed Hannah for a day. Not an easy task. Plus Miss Thing sometimes doesn’t care to drink from a bottle, so I’m picturing her screaming all day long while she starves and I sit in a courthouse unable to do anything about it. I’ve watched the movies and I remember OJ Simpson, so I am also fearing the worst – being sequestered for 2.7 years while a trial drags on and on and we all wonder if the glove fits or if Marcia is going to cut her bangs. My baby will never eat again! I will miss her growing up! My husband will die from eating too much pizza! There will be bedbugs in the sketchy hotel where they sequester us!

I know I’m WAYYYYYYYYYY overreacting, but there you have it.

Perhaps due to tensioin over this stressful situation, I developed a killer headache on Saturday afternoon that persists this very moment, although it’s a lot better now than it was this morning. I get different types of headaches, but this one is primarily the “baseball bat cracking me on the back of the head” headache, mixed with a little bit of “eyeballs being twisted and squeezed in a vise.”

If you’re reading this on Monday morning, please pray that I won’t get selected for this jury, that Hannah won’t starve, and that I would wake up headache-free! Thanks!

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