Baking Boondoggles

Doesn’t “boondoggles” sound like it would be a funny food if it were a food? Sort of like British dishes “bobble and squeak” or “bangers and mash” and the like. But actually I titled the post Baking Boondoggles not because I’m literally baking boondoggles (which would maybe be a bean and little cocktail hotdogs type dish?) but because I felt like messing about in the kitchen today, and a boondoggle is an unnecessary but fun trip. The house is clean, the baby is asleep, and so I decided to make sourdough starter and cranberry-orange bread. I’m not convinced that the starter will work. The last one I tried never really worked out. If anyone has a successful live starter that they are willing to share with me, I would be eternally grateful. Maybe not eternally, but at least until I forgot all about you, which would probably be sometime when I’m in my 120s. At that point in my life, I will need all my brain power to remember that Josh promised me a cruise for our 100th anniversary.

I did need to make the bread though, because my friend Rose is coming over at 2 and I think it’s nice to offer people a little something when they visit mid-afternoon. The funny thing about Rose is that I met her on the internet! We were both expecting babies in late December, and were frequenting a message board for December moms on when we noticed we were both from Indianapolis and both Christians. Rose’s baby boy was actually born in December (on the 31st) so they got the lucky tax break. Anyway, it will be fun for Hannah to have a friend over too! I plan to take a picture of them and post it to Hannah’s blog, if only for purposes of comparison – Alan is about 50% bigger than Hannah is although they are only 3 days apart in age!

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