A Very Merry Unbirthday To Us!

If there is food in Heaven, I’m convinced that Red Velvet Cake will figure prominently on the menu. It’s chocolate, but it’s also red. It’s got layers. It’s got unique icing. It’s elegant, yet tasty. In short, it’s the perfect birthday cake. Or unbirthday cake.

Since my mom’s birthday was Feb 12, and I figured she would not have gotten a cake, I decided to make her a red velvet cake to celebrate this weekend with us. Since there were only four of us (Hannah and the dog did not partake) I decided to cut the recipe in half, but didn’t want to sacrifice the towering layers part of the cake, so I literally made half a cake (see above). It was delicious!

I think red velvet cake may be a southern thing, as I’ve noticed most Yankees around here have not heard of it, or at least didn’t grow up eating it on their birthdays and other special occasions like we do in my family. For the record, red velvet cake from a box mix is NOT RED VELVET CAKE so if you’ve had it that way, you’re still missing out. The recipe is interesting and fun in itself. For example, while making the cake, you have to dissolve baking soda in hot water, and then add vinegar to it so it foams up grade-school-science-project style before adding it to the batter. The icing also requires unusual things like cooking flour and milk into a thick paste before mixing in the rest of the ingredients. It’s more time consuming than your average dessert, but highly worth it, in my estimation.

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