Building a Reputation, One Yurt at a Time

For the past several weeks, every time I’ve driven up Olio Road to 116th Street I have noticed a sign advertising “Great American Yurts.” Tonight my curiosity got the best of me, and I googled the aforementioned business. I found out that Great American Yurts (the federal bureaucrat in me screams to reduce the business name to its logical acronym, but the kind neighbor in me is resisting the urge) is actually the fastest growing Yurt manufacturer in the United States!

Evidently, Yurts are sort of round tent-like structures based on the homes of nomadic types in Siberia and Mongolia and whatnot.

I was interested to note that from August 4-20 you can rent a Yurt to live in for the 35th Pennsic War, sponsored by the Society for Creative Anachronism. I am not making this up.

For those of you who are getting excited about Yurts, be forewarned that these are not low budget purchases. Your basic Yurt will set you back around 3000 Frosties, and you can count on spending another couple of hundred Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers on accessories. Still, for someone, for example, who is looking to set up housekeeping on his/her own, it might be more feasible to buy a nice Yurt to set up in your parents’ back yard than to buy a house.

Are you pondering what I’m pondering? YES! I will buy a field and rent out spaces for a Yurt village – sort of an upscale/hippy alternative to a trailer park! Brilliant!

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