"Men Are Different From Women"

So said my wise husband in a conversation after church on Sunday. He is deep as a river and twice as murky.

One proof of the veracity of his statement comes in the contrast between our fat cells. Last week we started the following plan for Josh’s eating habits:

1) I only put mayonaise on ONE piece of the bread in his sandwhich for lunch
2) I only put ONE piece of processed cheese on his sandwhich for lunch (rather than two)
3) Instead of chips in his lunch, he gets cheese crackers or dried fruit
4) He gets one granola bar instead of two in his lunch
5) He has not had ice cream, except last Wednesday night at Biblestudy

The net effect of the preceeding miniscule nutritional changes was a FIVE POUND WEIGHT LOSS. That is nuts.

MY fat cells, on the other hand, are still clinging to those last bits of pregnancy weight like billy-oh. And that’s in spite of the fact that I have been exercising with areobics, walking, lifting weights, doing stomach exercises, and the like. Plus I have not had mayo or processed cheese or chips AT ALL.

This is not logical. But, as was pointed out in one of the CYA blogs recently, things don’t have to be logical to be true. Evidently metabolisms fit that statement spot on!

Oh bother.

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