Small Dogs Bark a Big Game

This afternoon while out on our walk (see Hannah’s blog for more details), we ran accross several dogs who made up for their diminuitive size by their ferocity.

The first dog reminded me of Andrew and Alaina’s dog Pippi, but with shorter legs (for the latest scoop on Pippi, see the Falk’s blog). The dog’s owner was making tiny snowballs and pitching them to the dog, who was catching the snowballs in it’s mouth! Amazing! Once the tiny performer caught sight of us, however, he/she/it put up a tremendous fuss as if we were out to steal his/her/its arsenal of tiny snowballs.

The second dog was a small fluffy white number flouncing around in a very classy green sweater set. I expected a dainty greeting as we passed by, but little Miss Thing let loose a barrage of barking such as could wake the dead.

I’m glad our dog doesn’t bark. She takes other dogs and people in stride, sniffing out of curiosity, but declining to bark her head off.

That said, she also doesn’t catch snowballs in her mouth, so maybe there are some tradeoffs…

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