A Penchant for List Making

I love making lists. I love writing things to do on lists after I’ve already done them, just for the sheer joy of crossing them off! I know, I’m extreme.

This week I made myself a very detailed list of goals, complete with checkboxes. I also have made daily to do lists from the goal sheet. In addition to the rush I get when I put an X in the boxes, I have been much more productive this week as well. The lists have been good impetus to keep the house clean, make the bed, exercise, make Josh’s lunches before he gets home, and the like. Mostly they are things that I shouldn’t have to have on a list, but for some reason taking care of a newborn takes up a lot more time and energy than I would have expected, so I’ve needed the impetus!

I’ve thought about posting my top 5 lists, but haven’t gotten around to it because that would involve re-evaluating some of them. So a challenge to readers in order to inspire me:

~What are your top 5 movies?
~Top 5 books?
~Top 5 albums or songs?
~Top 5 pet peeves?
~Top 5 things you want to be sure to do in your lifetime?
~Top 5 favorite types of cheese?

Feel free to submit other suggestions for Top 5 categories…

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