No Disrespect Intended…

Since my husband takes such a strong stance against country music (his current obsession with Johnny Cash notwithstanding), I hesitate to mention that I listened to country music today after dropping him off at work and on the way to and from the chiropractor. Yes, Honey, I exposed your infant daughter to country music! And I’m not sorry! I’ve posted before about the horrible radio stations in Indianapolis, and today I again felt revulsion sweep over me as the radio stations started up YET another round of “Behind These Hazel Eyes” and “Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me”…

I can’t listen to 93.9 The Song because over Christmas they played “Santa Baby” which is one of my absolute most hated songs in the world. I couldn’t listen to the Light For the Crossroads station because they were playing Junk for Jesus rather than interesting talk programs. And JackFM was playing obscure music that I didn’t like (unusual, since generally I give JackFM props for playing classics like Bon Jovi).

So I was left with country stations. I just needed something different. I like some country music, although not all. Actually that is how I feel about all genres. I like the good stuff, but I’m picky about it. I like SOME country, rock, jazz, big band, bluegrass, and yes, even R&B and rap. Which I get made fun of for liking, but it has good dance beats and I think rap is some of the more inventive music out there right now (the good stuff, that is, not the junk).

Anyway, I found two country songs that I liked. One was by Rascall Flats called “Bless the Broken Road” or something, and the other one was a duet and I don’t know who sang it but the refrain was something like “When I Get Where I’m Going” so maybe that’s the title. If this was the old days when we didn’t know that using Napster was illegal, I would download them, but that was the good old days…

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