Sorry for the dearth of postings lately, my brain has been entirely consumed by motherhood. During pregnancy, I diagnosed myself with “Pregnesia” – the state of being rendered crazy/forgetful/incapable of talking about anything other than pregnancy and childbirth. Now that the baby has been born, I find myself with “Mammanesia” – the state of not caring about much of anything other than baby stuff.

I am exhibiting the following random sampling of Mammanesia symptoms:

1) On Sunday when I read the paper, I could only muster a 2 minute diatribe about how ridiculous all day kindergarten is, which, if you’re familiar with my thoughts on making taxpayers subsidize people’s daycare options, you’ll know is unusual.

2) I find myself fascinated by really grody stuff like the baby’s poop habits and the fact that she can throw up out of her nose. No, really, she can!

3) I get weak in the knees when she does something pretty mundane like smile or laugh (she’s only laughed once, and I almost passed out it was so dang cute!) or stick her tongue out.

4) I can’t summon the mental fortitude to read the books I checked out of the library before the baby was born, although I was really excited about reading them before. So if anyone reads Law’s Empire by Ronald Dworkin, The Revolution of the Saints by Michael Walzer, or The Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci before I get around to it, please let me know what you think!

I’m sure I’m showing other signs, but I’ve forgotten them…

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