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Today I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life. That is how bad my hip/pelvis has been hurting for the past two weeks… Anyway, the particular chiropractic practice I found in our insurance list is fabulous for the following reasons:

1) The receptionist said “You just had a baby two weeks ago? I would never have known, you look great!” 🙂

2) The chiropractor complimented me on how flexible I am, and said she could tell I am in good shape. 🙂

3) They showed me a very cool model of a spine and bones to show me what is wrong with my pelvis – I like explanations. And I feel like I learned about physiology, which was enriching to my knowledge base, since I know nothing about physiology, which Josh likes to remind me of since he took physiology at some point when I was trying to get lab credits out of the way by taking Psych 101 and the like.

4) They managed to make my hip feel a little better, my back feel a lot better, and even my neck feels better.

5) They worked it out to have our insurance pay for me to get massage therapy on Friday paid for by the insurance – yay!

I think this was a very positive experience, although it’s a logistical nightmare for me to get anywhere in between Hannah’s eating schedule. Thankfully my mother in law was able to watch Hannah while I was gone, although I’ll be taking Hannah to the appointment Friday since the office said they don’t mind…

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