"Boy’s Head Run Over; He’s OK"

At first I thought this was a joke article, planted on page B8 of yesterday’s Indianapolis Star, but it’s got an associated press byline, so I guess it’s true. You may have to click on the link above and read the article yourself to belive it.

In a nutshell, an 11 year old boy from Michigan City, Indiana fell off of a truck and the aforementioned truck ran over the boy’s head. The boy’s grandfather, who was driving the truck, initially didn’t think this was a big deal. “He didn’t look too worse for wear,” Shurley said. Um, ok, but you JUST RAN OVER HIS HEAD WITH YOUR TRUCK, DOOFUS! It wasn’t until a while later when Grandpa saw blood running out of the boy’s ear that he took him to the hospital. The kid had a fractured skull, “road rash” on his face and neck, a black eye, and a laceration on his ear canal.

Whatever “road rash” is.

Note to Hannah’s grandfathers, should they happen to read this: if you ever EVER run over my child’s head with your vehicle, whether it looks like a big deal or not, please take her directly to an emergency room!!! 🙂

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