Formal Frivolity

Tonight I left the house for the first time in three days (“No NO, Neville, the PETS are dead, the butlah’s beeeeeen disCHAHged”) to go to the CYA formal dinner. As you can see from the picture, I managed to pour myself into a non-maternity dress and off we went.

We clearly had the best table at the dinner, and much fun and frivolity ensued. First off, we noticed that the little pitcher of flavored cream for the coffee was labeled “Havelnut.” It turns out “havelnut” is a flavor closely related to “hazelnut,” but with a significantly higher elegance quotient.

During dinner, we discussed the relative merits of Irish cuisine, and whether in fact Guiness can be rightly thought of as a meal replacement beverage (“You know, a Guiness for breakfast, another for lunch, and a sensible dinner…”). And we covered the topic of being a cheesecake snob (“I’m picking up a hint of oak, and…could that be…rhubarb?”).

We learned several interesting facts, including how Stalin actively sought to create a race of ape warriors, that rats can’t throw up, and that opening a coffee shop takes a lot of startup capital.

On a serious note, Barry York gave an excellent talk exhorting us to use technology to glorify God.

Although I had secretly hoped that I would be in the hospital having a baby by now, I am glad that we were able to have such a fabulous time tonight!

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