Ebay Follies

For the longest time, I avoided eBay, having been overwhelmed with dismay when my dear husband (who was then my dear fiance) “accidentally” spent $75 for a Caedmon’s Call cd that only has like 6 songs on it. But my mother has had tremendous success on eBay, so when we found out we were expecting I took the plunge to save money on maternity wares and baby accoutrements.

Yesterday, however, I got burned. Not badly, but enough to send my overly-hormonal-way-too-pregnant-and-sleep-deprived self over the edge momentarily. Well, ok, it was not momentary, I was mad for a good 20 minutes. I shook my fist. I waxed eloquent about people who hide things in eBay item descriptions, don’t take paypal, overcharge for shipping, and the like. I even shouted “GR!” at the package. I know you are thinking, “This chick needs to develop some patience STAT before she becomes a mother…” and you are correct!

It all started when I tried to save money by getting a book called “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace on eBay rather than where I originally saw it in the Vision Forum catalog. I knew there was a book AND a study guide, but on eBay the other study guide item descriptions CLEARLY said “study guide” in the description. The item I wound up winning, however, had the title of the book in the description title, a picture of the book not the study guide, and then in small print at the bottom of the description, to be fair, the seller did have a sentence to the effect that the study guide went with the book. I missed that part. I also missed the part about the seller not taking paypal, which is most inconvenient.

At any rate, when the package arrived yesterday, inside I found the study guide, not the book. And once you factor in that the seller charged me $5 to mail this spiral bound notebook (and in turn herself paid only book rate of around a dollar to ship it to me), I wound up spending more than I would have had I bought the study guide new through Vision Forum. Plus Vision Forum has a deal where you save money to buy the book and study guide together…sigh.

So this morning I bought the actual book on www. visionforum.com, and was thankful that the Vision Forum people had sent me a $10 coupon so it won’t be that expensive, and I did learn a lesson. I also added “patience” to my prayer list in my quiet time this morning!

On a less bitter note, the study guide looks geared more for groups than individual study, so if anyone ever wants to do a ladies Biblestudy on the Excellent Wife, let me know because I’m totally prepared!!!!!!

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