What Not to Say to a Pregnant Person

The other day, as I was recounting how many rude pregnancy comments I had received, Josh sagely noted that when people see a pregnant woman, the part of their brain that usually exercises good judgement shuts down. How right he is.

Actually, the comments are so strange as to be comical. Among the best:

– “Are you having twins? Becuase you are ENORMOUS!”
– “Are you SURE you’re not having twins? Oh, you must just be getting fat then!”
– “It’s a boy, right? No, I’m pretty sure you’re having a boy. Well, ultrasounds can be wrong you know.”
– “Was this an accident?”

And, my personal favorite:

– “Are you mad that your doctor tied your bellybutton wrong so that it’s sticking out now?”

I think people just want to make conversation, so I try to play along. And, to be fair, for every obnoxious comment, some kind soul will tell me that I look radiant or that you can’t tell I’m pregnant from behind, or that I’m looking great. I love those people.

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