What’s the Frequency, Reader?

I’m back in DC for my LAST BUSINESS TRIP before the baby. Can I tell you how uncomfortable travel is when you’re 34 weeks pregnant? No, I won’t bore you with the details of boorish men who won’t give up their seat for a pregnant lady, or how long the lines for the bathroom are at the airport only to find out they are out of toilet paper so you have to go across the terminal to find another bathroom, or how obnoxious it is to be seated behind an obese gentleman who is constantly whamming his back into his reclined seat such that it literally hits the baby and bounces off!

Instead, I’ll talk about radio stations. One thing I do miss about DC is quality radio. As soon as I got into the orange two door Chevy rental car with the non-adjustable seat (comfy!) I changed the presets to my old stations. Well, except 99.1 WHFS, which is now inexplicably and regrettably a mariachi band station rather than alternative music. Anyway, I couldn’t help but compare my stations with the sorry stations Indianapolis has to offer.

Since I travel back to DC all the time, I have noticed that new songs break on a DC station roughly two weeks sooner than in Indianapolis, and DC stations tend to maintain more variety than do the stations in Indy.

For example, the “new” Kanye West song Gold Digger (best line: “He’s got that ambition, baby, look in his eyes! This week he’s mopping floors, next week it’s the fries!”) broke here a good couple of weeks before in Indy, AND, most amazingly, didn’t get overplayed here. Once the song came out in Indianapolis however, they decided to make up for lost time by playing it approximately 14 times per hour. It’s the aesthetic equivalent to grinding a perfectly good piece of chocolate into the carpet. I mean yeah, it’s still chocolate, but now it has all those carpet fibers in it, so do you really want it anymore?

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