The Scourge of Cultural Illiteracy

Much is made of general illiteracy, but I find that a shocking number of people are culturally illiterate too. I’m talking about the basic stuff of Western civilization, such as where England is located and general familiarity with what a nativity scene looks like.

The winner of the Cultural Illiteracy Superlatives goes to an eBay seller in the category “Funniest Description of Baby Jesus EVER.”

This seller listed a Hummel-type china figurine (see picture) which he/she cleverly titled “Very Odd and Old Figure of Bound Boy With Angel and Banjo” and the following description was offered [I did some light editing for spelling and grammar]:

“Here is an very odd porcelain figurine…It has a boy who appears to be bound or wrapped or lying in a tight sleeping bag with nothing but his head out. He is lying on what appears to be a blanket spread upon dirt or straw. Kneeling next to him on the blanket is a boy angel playing a banjo.”

Extra points awarded for originality of perspective!

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