None of Your Business

According to our good friends at the American Ferret Association (isn’t it amazing what people will devote their time and resources to these days?), a female ferret is called a “jill,” a male ferret is called a “hob,” and a group of ferrets is called a “business.”

Ferret is a funny word. For some reason, whenever I hear the word ferret, I think of those guys you always saw during the 80s. You know, the ones with long pointy noses and those scraggly rat tail pigtail things hanging down their backs. They could usually be seen with the 80s girls who pegged their jeans, wore three colors of socks on top of each other, and had bangs hairsprayed solid into a two foot wave that connected with the hairsprayed wings of hair above their ears.

What happened to those people? Did the guys get rhinoplasty? Did the girls burn all pictures of themselves in acid wash jeans and puff-painted t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up?

I guess it’s really none of my business.

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