It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, NO, It’s DOLPHIN WOMAN!

In the unlikely event that I am ever offered the chance to become a superhero, I think I will ask to be DolphinWoman. Dolphins have a lot of great superpowers: an acute sense of hearing, keen powers of sight, and incredible lung capacity.

But the real reason I want to be DolphinWoman is the unbelievable fact, which I learned in last week’s Economist magazine (one of my favorite periodicals), that dolphins don’t ever actually fully sleep. When a dolphin needs rest, she lets half of her brain sleep while the other half continues to function and she goes about her business, and then when that half of her brain wakes up, she lets the other half go to sleep. Imagine what I could do with this super power!

Sleep during inane and useless meetings!

Sleep during mindless drudgery like ironing!

Sleep during football games but my husband wouldn’t notice and I probably would not miss a thing!

The possibilities are endless.

So just in case that one in a million chance materializes, I think I will go use both sides of my brain to design DolphinWoman’s costume – I have a feeling the stores don’t carry snazzy dolphin costumes in maternity sizes…

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