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While reading the message boards on my favorite pregnancy/baby website (, I ran across a section about baby Vicks Vaporub. One girl mentioned that her grandmother had sworn by Vicks for any and all problems, including toenail fungus and smearing it on the windowsills to keep ants out. Apparently when her grandmother died, they put a jar of Vicks in the casket with her, because she would have wanted it that way!

We heard a comedy routine one time with a similar story about Robitussin. “I broke my leg!” “Pour some ‘tussin on it!” And so forth…

I guess everyone has their pharmaceutical aids of choice. Personally, I think most problems can be solved with Bacitracin (yes Josh, I know, what we have is Neosporin, but it’s the same thing!) and Chapstick. I put Bacitracin and Chapstick on everything – for example, Chapstick with SPF in it can be put on your eyelids when skiing or swimming or doing other outdoor activities, and it won’t run in your eyes like regular sunscreen. Chapstick can also be used in a pinch instead of handcream if your cuticles or hands are feeling dry. Bacitracin is excellent for all cuts, bruises, scratches, or what have you that you don’t want infected or that you otherwise don’t know how to treat. I’m sure it works on broken legs, although I’ve never tried it, and if we get ants I’ll try Chapstick.

My husband, on the other hand, tends to cure things with Alka Seltzer and Advil, although I haven’t witnessed him curing anything really off the wall with either one. I give him cocktails of Shaklee vitamins for his pains too. I figure if he takes one of everything we have on the vitamin shelf, one of them will be bound to help him recover from a pulled muscle or head cold (Public Service Announcement: remember you can overdose on fat soluble vitamins so don’t hit the A,D,E, or K hard if you decide to start imitating us in that respect!).

It will be interesting to see if we develop any new medical practices after the baby is born – she’ll probably spend most of her childhood slathered with Chapstick and sucking down Alka Seltzer and Shaklee vitamins. 🙂

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