Catherine Wheels

I found four definitions of Catherine wheels, all of which seemed, in some way or another, to be somewhat applicable to me or what I’d like to do with this blog.

1) A type of spinning firework – Somewhat descriptive of my approach to getting things done, I’m always on the move and doing something, but perhaps not in one targeted direction.

2) A circular window – I like the idea of a blog being a round window of insight into the writer, not necessarily a big expose or just a daily diary.

3) An old English term for “cartwheel” – I’d like my musings to be fun and interesting and maybe, on occasion, insightful.

4) An instrument of torture – the symbol of Saint Catherine of Alexandria – This definition is admittedly a little tougher! Ideally, my writing is not an instrument of torture. If it is, feel free to move about the cabin as I have turned off the fasten seatbelt sign! Catherine of Alexandria, however, is an interesting link. Although there is little historical evidence for her actual existence, Catherine of Alexandria was said to be quite beautiful, and learned in philosophy and theology; she is the patron saint of female students. According to legend, Catherine of Alexandria was also a prolific evangelist, and made many converts to Christianity, for which she was martyred. As a reformed Presbyterian, I don’t believe in special forms of sainthood, rather I believe in the reformed definition of saints as all those who are saved in Christ. That said, I like the philosophy and theology connection and I aspire to be a better witness for my faith, so I will leave this part in.

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