Cash by Johnny Cash

This Saturday we went on a date to see “Walk the Line” and then to Subway for dinner, with a brief detour to Walmart to buy dog food and baking soda. Romantic, huh? Well we make cheap dates fun! Subway is one of the few places where I can eat anything (basically I get the veggie sub, and load it down with green things including five to ten times as many pickles as they give normal people).

As a preface, the movie “Walk the Line” is rated PG-13 mostly because of graphically showing the effects of drug abuse. Not everyone would be able to handle it, and most people would find it shocking.

One theme that I found myself thinking about was why artists so often struggle with self-worth issues, and how this often manifests itself in self-destructive behaviors like drug abuse. After Josh brought up Johnny Cash’s testimony, we also talked about how we so often assume that people who struggle with big visible sins or addictive personalities are not Christians, while people with major sin problems that are more socially acceptable are easy to see as believers. In part of the movie, a judgmental store clerk informs June Carter that June’s parents seem like good Christians, so it’s shocking that they still speak to June since she’s divorced. Later in the movie, it’s June’s parents who help her to get Johnny Cash off of pills – they were the only people in the movie who showed him love even when he was out of control. It struck me that June’s parents WERE being good Christians to love people even at the low points of their struggles.

From an artistic standpoint, the movie was well done, and I was shocked that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did their own singing. They were fantastic. Reese Witherspoon made a better June Carter Cash than the real June Carter Cash (although maybe that’s like saying that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like Dr. Pepper than real Dr. Pepper does…). As Josh pointed out in his blog, the baby did move around a lot during the movie, which Josh holds as evidence that she is already a rock snob with good rhythm. Maybe so, and I do hope she inherited his musical abilities rather than mine!

Also noted, Barq’s rootbeer does contain caffeine, and yes, it did keep me up all night after I had some at Subway. Never forget that old adage “Barq’s has bite.” Or is it, “you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time”? Anyway, the rootbeer gave Hannah the hiccups!

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