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I’m Catherine Gillespie, and A Spirited Mind is my outlet for writing about life as a Christian mom to three children aged five and under and my search for balance between the demands of motherhood and my passions for reading, writing, and dabbling in other creative endeavors.


Although motherhood is demanding and juggling homemaking and outside activities can make great demands on a woman’s time and energy, I think it’s important to take time to keep my mind sharp and refreshed so I read widely and write weekly reviews of books I’ve completed.  You might be interested in my top picks from the past few years in fiction, history and culture, spirituality and theology, and parenting.

Writing About Contemplative Mothering

In parenting and life in general I try to think deeply about where I am and where I’m headed.  On A Spirited Mind I write about issues like choosing contentment, how to be an encourager, where I find my identity, and whether the hard way is always the best way.  Along the way, I have found a few good short cuts, indulged my need for creativity with mixed success,  and learned a lot of things the hard way that have turned out to be fairly humorous in hindsight.

Homeschooling and Reading to Children

As my oldest child approaches her official kindergarten year this fall, I’m feeling my way toward a coherent educational philosophy.  So far we homeschool for pre-preschool, but I think that no matter where your kids are in school they will benefit from reading lots of good books with you.  If you have been wondering what to read to your kids, check out my reviews of great books for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.   Aside from reading tons of excellent childrens literature, we memorize poetry and songs, do a lot of hands on learning and play time, and I designed a series of lessons on habit and character training that draws from Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.

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Thank you for reading, and welcome to A Spirited Mind!

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